Social Anxiety Disorder Therapist Jamie Chin

You’re in the Right Place if You:

  • Walk around feeling like you have a giant spotlight on you and think everyone can see every little flaw you have
  • Worry endlessly about people judging, humiliating, or criticizing you
  • Get so stressed out in social situations that you start sweating, shaking, blushing, feeling hot, stammering, and/or worrying your mind will go blank
  • Feel too afraid to go after the romantic relationships or friendships you really want
  • Feel stuck in your job (or don’t even have one) because you are too scared to go through the whole interview process

How I Can Help You Get Relief

When I suggest an approach or framework to conquer your social anxiety, know that it will be based on evidence-backed research. This means that any techniques I cover will have been proven by premier anxiety researchers to actually work.

The anxiety-reducing interventions I use are based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) which is considered the gold standard for treatment of anxiety disorders. CBT helps change the destructive thought patterns that have a negative influence on our behavior and emotions. With social anxiety, this erodes our ability to feel confident and safe in social scenarios.

Because I subscribe to the best possible methods, you can be sure that any resources I offer are based on sound psychological frameworks designed to get you the best possible outcome.

Free yourself from social anxiety
Jamie Chin therapist for social anxiety disorders

Meet Jamie…

I earned my master’s degree in psychology and have worked as a licensed mental health therapist for 13 years. Due to the high number of people I see in practice with social anxiety, I wanted to create self-help resources for those who may not be able to afford or access therapy.

As a shy kid, and then an adult who lacked confidence in social situations, I understand the symptoms that often accompany social and performance anxiety: feeling judged, embarrassed, and like you’re just generally not good enough.

Once I embraced imperfection and started to actually practice being social, I saw huge gains in my confidence levels. This enabled me to go after the career I wanted, feel comfortable publicly speaking, and to have high-quality relationships I felt worthy of. I am especially excited to help people with social anxiety as it is highly treatable!

Social Anxiety Resources

Free Yourself From Social Anxiety

Free Yourself From Social Anxiety contains the essential ingredients needed to quiet the negative voices inside you. In their place, you’ll hear Jamie’s words of wisdom and encouragement as you move forward in your journey from awkward and anxious to calm and confident. Instant download file.

Relaxation Exercises Book Icon

Relaxation Exercises Guide

It’s time to get your zen on! These exercises can specifically help you lower your anxiety by calming your nervous system down. In this 36-page ebook, you will find breathing exercises, mindfulness techniques, meditation scripts, and 120+ positive affirmations for you to practice and make your own. Instant download file.


I never knew how to handle my social anxiety but Jamie’s guide gave me a practical 360 approach to my anxiety and how I can build a relationship with my mental health to better manage it. If you are considering buying this, DO IT, I with I had found it sooner!

Amanda Nelson

At school dropoff, I would meet all these other parents and wonder if I was the frumpy one or the one that just didn’t fit in. Jamie’s book forced me to remember that our unhelpful thinking has to be challenged if we want to move forward.

Holly Ostara

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